Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Sunday!

I'm super excited about my very first 10k race this Sunday!!! I never in 100 years would have thought that I could run 6.2 miles comfortably!! Since making that commitment myself I have actually ran further then 6 miles. In fact, according to my runkeeper I have run approximately 67 miles and have logged 18 runs - burned over 8,000 calories! That's crazy! But, the commitment has been worth it. I have watch myself go from not being able to finish a mile while running to running 2 miles straight comfortably with a short walk and running another 2 miles. It's kind of amazing what you can condition your body to do when you put your mind to it. I have before tried to attempt running, but I think you have to be ready to do it. I think you have to have a goal and it has to become somewhat of a priority in your life. Trust me, 1000 other things could have taken priority these past 6 weeks in my life. My husband travels and my kids have been sick, you name it. But, I was determined to make it work! Some days I dreaded having to think about getting my run in. Most days I welcomed the change of pace that day. More then anything I am overcome with excitement when I look at how far I have come. It may not be very far in the grand scope of running. But, to me it's like looking across the grand canyon.

Good luck to my fellow runners running the H&H race this weekend! I will see you out there!


  1. I am beyond proud of you Heather. Like you said, running takes a huge commitment and you have stuck with it! I wish I could run those 6.2 miles by your side, but I know you are going to rock every step of it!!!! Can't wait to see you make your goals reality!!!!

  2. I know you will do great. Enjoy the day!!!