Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marathon Training in Progress

Well, with the Heels and Hills race behind me, I started my marathon training plan (Thanks to Sherry) earlier this month. Over the past 11 weeks my body has become accustom to running several miles a week - I'm not talking 5-8 miles a week, I'm talking 12-18 miles a week! That even sounds crazy to me!! But, I know I've said it before, so here I go again - It's worth it. Endurance running has shown me just how amazing the human body really is. It totally amazes me that you can train your body to run a comfortable pace for several miles AND keep up a conversation. With that said, I have also learned how to protect my body more then I ever knew before. There is nothing like a bad run that will teach you how to store energy naturally and hydrate regularly.

I have to say, I'm horrible at hydrating! I'm not a "drinker" by nature, I really only drink when I eat, which leaves me in a constant stay of near dehydration. So I have had to make a conscious effort to fuel my body with liquids without over doing it. On top of that I have had to learn how to do that in the right amount of time that wont leave me looking for a bathroom around mile 4. Which for me means I have to stop drinking about 3 hours prior to a long run. Who knew running required so much preparation?!

Today a few friends and I are running in a new location! I'm so excited because lately it's either been the track or the treadmill - both are BORING! This should be interesting though, we are still eyeballing hydration belts and so we will need to hide our water in the bushes LOL! Hopefully we can find it once it's hidden :)

Happy Running!

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  1. Soooooo unbelievably proud of you for deciding to take on this challenge. It's a long road of training but I know you are more than capable of getting it done. I can't wait to see you cross that finish line in December!