Thursday, June 16, 2011

So it's been 6 months....

It's been 6 months since I started running/cross training. Back in January of this year I didn't expect to be where I am today. I started off training for a 5K race in March. Really I just wanted to run to keep in shape and cross train to tone. So in January I started a cross training class that went on until the end of May for 2 days a week.

In March I ran my first 5k for 2011 - 4th 5k ever! After that 5k I talked to my sweet friend Sherry, who is by the way an awesome runner and has made my marathon training plan. She talked me into doing my first 10k at the beginning of May. So for the next 6-8 weeks I ran my butt off - literally (I have lost 8lbs - 3 of which I plan to gain back this next week).

After the 10k I decided it would be a great idea to train for a marathon!! What was I thinking hehehe! I already had a 1/2 marathon planned for September, so why not right? Man I have to say the amount of time I'm spending running is insane, no really insane! I try to run at least 3 days a week and now that I have stopped cross training I'm trying to pick up a 4th (short) run. When I say short I mean 3 miles (that used to be LONG for me).

Anyway, It's been crazy hot out here in TX so most of my runs end up being at the gym, which is ok with me because not only does the gym have air conditioning, it also has child care :) I just really have no desire to have a heat stroke, I'm sure that would totally throw the fun of the run out the window. I still plan to do longer runs outside, like for example next weekend my Dad is hosting a trail run - which is outside... See I am still running outside some hehe!

So here are the totals... you ready for this running buddies??!!
Since March (this total doesn't include Jan/Feb runs so it's actually more then this number) I have run a total of 177 miles!!! WOW! According to my marathon training plan I will run close to that amount of miles in September and October alone... I'm starting to scare myself!

Speaking of scared... Today was my last run for a week.. I have yet to go 7 days without running since I started. So I'm a little scared to go that long for fear of falling behind. But, I'm sure it will be a good break for my legs and body. And if I get bored (don't' see that happening) and want to, I can always run at the hotel gym - Oh yeah I forgot to mention we are going to CABO!! I'm so ready and excited for this trip since we are going with some close friends. And...for the first time EVER I'm actually content with my body. I know that sounds crazy, because I have always been smaller then the average human being... But, come on you can be small and be flabby - do you hear me! Although, I will never been comfortable wearing a bikini, because that's just not in my blood.. I, however, am finally more comfortable to just be out in any bathing suit more now then when I was a teenager. That alone is worth the 177 miles - can I have an AMEN! :)

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