Monday, March 7, 2011

Goal #1 - 10K RUN

I feel like this is actually goal number two!! Last weekend (March 5th, 2010) I completely a 5k run with a friend of mine in 37 mins! Huge accomplishment for several reason:

1. I finished my previous 5 K last summer in 45 mins.
2. I am only 5 feet tall - so a 12 min mile is pretty fast for me!
3. It was 42 degrees with 40 mph winds that felt like 20 degrees!

With that behind me, I am now training for my first 10K. I would say I "somewhat" trained for the 5k - the weather in January and February was not favorable for running out doors so I didn't get to run outside as much as I wanted. I did however cross trained quite a bit - 2-3 times a week. Since cross training kept my heart rate up the entire hour, it also helped my endurance for the 5K.

The training for the 10K includes cross training 2 times a week, while throwing in runs 3 times a week. My good friend Sherry is now a certified running coach and as set up a plan for me that is flexible but also structured. I will be bumping up my miles each week until I reach the goal of 6.2 miles at the end of April. Where I will then participate in a Relay for Life event on the 29th and turn around and run a 10K on May 1st. Between now and then I will be conditioning my body to run the majority of those miles, while strengthening my body through the cross training. I recently said to a friend of mine "If I'm not in the best shape I have ever been in by summer then I will be really mad"... I feel like that even more now then before with the majority of my week being taken over by training and running!!

Today's run:
2.1 Miles - 26 mins
Several hills, quite a bit of wind
average pace 13mins/mile



  1. You got this Heather! Put in the work and the race will be your reward! Congrats on a new PR (Personal Record) for your 5k event!!!!

  2. Yea Heather...Sherry told me that you were running! Congrats on your 5K!!!

  3. Congrats on the 5k! By the way, another of our mutual friends, Holly, will be doing a 5k this weekend, and she'll be doing her first 10k on May 1 ALSO!!! (Do you hear "it's a small world" music playing in the background?) I'm sure you'll do great, but don't let your height stop you... that Sherry gives me a run for my money and I'm A LOT taller! ;-)

  4. Way to go on the 5k!! I am also running the Hills and Heels or whatever it is called on May 1. That will be my first 10k but in the weekends before I have a lot of 5ks. I am now following you. Here is my running blog