Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Oh my, I finally ran the trail this past Saturday with my Dad.. I didn't see any snakes!!! But, I did hear something moving in the grass as I ran by a few times, tripped over a few tree branches, dodged several bikers - But I finished 3.6 miles in 50 mins. There were quite a few hills that I had to walk up. We had one creek to walk across, where I got my shoe wet and had to run with a wet shoe and sock. But, all in all it wasn't too bad! The only downfall I had, well there were two. First off I had to pee almost the entire run and there was no where to go but... behind a tree and that wasn't happening! Second, was my allergies... I'm still sneezing my head off after running out there.

So all you runners out there.. Tell me, how do you stay hydrated and not have to pee on your long runs? I can drink 1 oz and minutes later I'm looking for a bathroom. It's so annoying and so distracting. I try to get into a groove when I run and block everything else out, but I can't do that when I all I can think about is having to pee!

So tell me.. how do you do it??


  1. Yay - you survived! ;)

    As for hydration, I would working on being more hydrated on a regular basis and then just sipping water prior to a training run or race.

  2. That is crazy cool...I can't imagine running 3.6 miles in the wilderness!!! I agree with Sherry. If you drink water all day, every day, your need for potty breaks will lessen on your runs. I know it seems crazy but your body will definitely adjust!

  3. I have pee issues too, but I drink alot of water (gallon/day) and always have. As for races, Ive just learned to get in the portapotty line soon as I get there, and not drink 30 minutes prior.